Netflix and Chill #3: "The Princess Switch"

The Princess Diaries 2 gets remade like Lifetime circa 2000, with a little sprinkle of Selena Gomez’s Monte Carlo.

Vanessa Hudgens and the cast remade exactly that for the Netflix audience. Awkward and slow, The Princess Switch leaves you longing for the original films. To think I once threw shade at Princess Diaries 2 the summer it came out! “It wasn’t as good as the first, not anywhere near!” I said. Over a decade later, The Princess Switch has me eating my words,

The movie isn’t necessarily horrible. “Unoriginal,” is the appropriate word. Vanessa Hudgens and her charm cannot save this film. Nothing can. Not the nicest backdrops of big city life in winter time save it. The humor doesn’t run crazy. The leads’ chemistry isn’t there. “Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, save me, help, this is boring, all in the name of reviews, help,” my mind said.

“Think of High School Musical. Be nice; Vanessa Hudgens is a 2000’s teen icon!” my brain is reminding me. Vanessa Hudgens needs the career Emma Stone has. Please, someone, cast her in Emma Stone-y roles. No more of this. Evah.

I am from Illinois, love baking, loved her Disney days, love cheeseball plots, and this film does nothing for me.