My Recipe: Tacky, Lazy Midwestern Tortilla Soup

Have you ever wanted a lazy day soup inspired by beautiful Mexican cuisine with the lazy attitude and proudly down home tackyness of Midwestern culture? Well, sir, or miss, you’re in luck! Today is the day I shall share my amazing recipe.


You will need:

• 1 generous bowl of tomato bisque from your fav restaurant; if in NYC, absolutely get some of Thomas Keller’s famous tomato soup at Bouchon Bakery; if in STL or Chicago, get some at any place near you as good tomato bisque is common, or Schnuck’s, go for it!

• 1 supermarket tortilla soup kit, without the chicken; generally this would be a bunch of diced veggies and soup seasoning

• 1 small box or can of black beans

• 1 fresh lime

• 8 cups of water

• powdered vegetarian broth; I used a semi-spicy one imported from Israel called Osem, requiring 1 teaspoon per cup of water

• several avocados to divide into chunks

• tortilla strips intended for salad; don’t get spicy because that will be too spicy


Simmer the veggies from the tortilla soup mix you bought in oil. Add in the water, preferably boiled in an automatic tea kettle. After you simmer it about one minute or so, dump in the restaurant tomato bisque. You’ll need about 1-2 cups. Simmer everything covered for 5-10 minutes.

Slice your avocado into extra thick chunks. Throw them into your soup generously.

Optional: you may add a spoon of sour cream and/or cheese on top.

Slice up that fresh lime. Garnish the slice on the side. Squeeze in some juice with the garnish once you eat it.

To Make It Meaty

This soup is 100% vegetarian. Add in previously cooked chicken, turkey, or hamburger meat to make it non-veggie. Remember, in the Midwest, we don’t shame you for being tacky! Go for it with your lunch meats, slab o’ turkey, or whatever leftover junk you want to toss in!

tortilla soup.jpg