Red Carpet: Austin Film Festival 2018, "The Lake Vampire" Halloween Screening

Halloween, once again! Last year at the Austin Film Festival, I wore a leopard print retro style jacket with red lipstick. You get to be a little more festive.

This year, I channeled my inner Pharrell Williams, working a fedora into my outfit. Men and women are style icons to me. Why not?


• Express blazer and dress. This dress is pretty long and from a while back. They say longer length and maxi dresses make people appear shorter. I don’t care. Comfort comes first! The 1950’s film star length felt really good the whole night.

• Steve Madden shoes. I wear a lot of shoes in this life. All shoes wear out at the same rate. As a person who aims to walk without tumbling in pain, suede shoes, and vegan suede if you find them, are the way to go. Suede stretches into whatever your feet are shaped like. Leather doesn’t. And patent leather burns your feet off. Never fun. Steve Madden is a more affordable shoe line anyone can wear to school, prom, or as evidenced, a red carpet. I’ve been a Steve Madden fan since the days I first frequented Water Tower Place in Chicago.

• Gap Body bra underneath.

• Hanky Panky underneath.


• Lancome brow pencil in Auburn because eyebrows can disappear on camera. For real.

• e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer. Very silky and nice.

• Almay skin matching makeup, a thin foundation-moisturizer product you apply with your fingers. Anything with fingers is a win for me. It went on with a slightly thinner finish with the primer. You could see my freckles in person that don’t pop out under flash. This is either good or bad depending on the intended coverage you want. I love having a more natural skin look–good for me! NOTE: This product is fantastic in the texture and consistency; its color is way off and shouldn’t be labeled “pale” or “light.” I do better with the Almay Clear Complexion foundation in Porcelain.

• Almay concealer under the eyes. Perfect product.

• e.l.f. lipstick in Crazy Cranberry. When you wear lipstick, don’t wear any eyeshadow. My rule!

• Ardell lashes in #111. I love these, really I do. However, the idea of brown fake lashes intrigues me.

• Like on day 1 of this year’s film festival, e.l.f. primer all over my face. Giving me a nice photogenic “healthy skin!” glow.

A Thought on Eyelashes On Camera

f you follow my diary, you know how I get itchy with every mascara I ever try. Clear mascara doesn’t hold up my eyelashes. I’m a bit curious about whether brown mascara might make me itchy. Likely, it does. Never say never. I’m leaning towards once I run through my few black lash strips remaining, switching over to brown Ardell lashes.

The contrast between my eyebrows and hair with the eyelashes is really dramatic, both in photos and in person. Most likely, I would look more natural and thus, youthful, with lashes that blend into my eyes. No lash extensions for me, before you ask. The cleanliness standards are pretty low at those places, I risk major infections with diabetes, and I’ve had eye problems. No thanks!

What looks attractive to straight women pleasing fellow straight fashion forward women and makeup artists following 2018 era makeup trends is not attractive to everyone else. Men, straight and LGBT, those who aren’t trendy Instagram-hired makeup artists, compliment the most in person when I tone down the look. Several gentlemen pals have always told me too many eyelashes, and too black of eyelashes, make people look older. You never want that. And, my eyelashes break easily thanks diabetes. No curlers, please!

Ardell makes some beautiful brown fake lashes you can order in the mail. Sometimes, you find them at Walgreens and other places. I’m going to snap some up! Excited! I used to feel self conscious, running into major itchy land using black mascara, because my black faux lashes against my not-Sharpie-black natural lashes that are dark brunette in reality and photograph reddish or sometimes a weird grey-auburn. Brown lashes are the answer.


Am I a little passionate about this topic? Yes! Finding the right formulas for natural makeup on camera for men and women is a dream of mine. A, for when I switch into animation and live action filmmaking. B, personal reasons. I want to look good. C, I want to teach the world how to feel better about themselves by looking good. D, I always dreamed of having a makeup collaboration with an existing makeup line, or my own line, dedicated to looking good on camera and natural. Right now, almost all of the makeup for appearing on camera, and in everyday life for that matter, is too theatrical. The skin looks caked up. Everything is wrong. I dream of a makeup line, something co-ed for men and women, where natural skin is a big focus. You can wear the same makeup an A-list actress is wearing in one of my future movies to the prom and know it’s top quality, film tested, fancy stuff.

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