“Pocket Penguins:” A Hit Penguin Reality Show

The California Academy of Sciences created an outstanding app you may install on Apple TV, your iPhone, or any iPad. Watching it on TV is the most fun of all. 

Users get three live surveillance camera views of a penguin pack housed at the zoo! 

You watch them yawn, cuddle, sleep, waddle, swim, and complain.  Sounds like a reality show, right? One change. The penguins are unscripted.

Live at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm Pacific time, a scientist comes out feeding them and talking to the audience. The mic gets turned on, meaning a lot of penguin squawks and silly sounds. Very cute.

Lunch for them is a bucket of mixed fish. The birds line up together waiting his/her turn.

Penguins are exciting because I recently released an animated short about penguins making movies called O GIRL OF A DREAM: A BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TALE. Any opportunity to observe them is fun—and I’ll keep it up with my Pocket Penguins app!