Short Film No Longer: “The Eyes of Old Texas” Is Becoming a Feature Film, A Move Inspired by Peter Jackson!

 The Eyes of Old Texas is becoming a feature length movie! It began in 2015 as a very long short film project. Until 2017, I thought the goal was submitting it to festivals. In 2017, I learned all would change: I’d have a global audience with my own Amazon Prime channel! The channel debuted this lovely year of 2018 with free streaming offers for all Prime subscribers.

This change was inspired by Peter Jackson, a gentleman who never made a big budget film in his life, from the other side of the world, whom most people had never heard of. He was rejected everywhere when funding fell through for Lord of the Rings and told to stuff the “children’s book trilogy” into one movie IF they financed it at all, until New Line Cinema at his final meeting before giving up asked, “Why are you pitching two movies? There are three books!”

Life is too short. I don’t want to drop off this planet and say I never made a feature film. I am confident enough in my animation abilities that I can take on a project with an aim of about 60-72 minutes in running time. In this big journey, I am now frightened and scared at the same time animating a big movie all by myself for the most part. It can and will be done. There is no reason why, now that I’m faster with churning out my animation and have developed my style further.

I hope to have this work ready and turned into Amazon for an April 2019 debut. We’ll see how I’m able to make that deadline as I’m all alone here on animation. A little movie about a cowboy bird riding his kitten is getting the length it deserves!

Until then, visit my Amazon Prime channel from anywhere in the world for my animated shorts available now. Evidence. This is really happening, friends!

xoxo, Nic 🤠🐈🌪