Netflix and Chill #2: "The Kissing Booth"

“Someday, I’ll be livin’ in a big old city, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean!” I sang nonstop learning the girl starring in this is the girl sitting on the toilet in Taylor Swift’s “Mean.” Awwww, she’s all grown up now.

Catchy tune. Here’s the video.

OK, normally, I’m not feeling made for TV lead actor guys. But you had me at hello, surfer dude hair guy. Not nearly a close copy of Luke Skywalker. The rest, yes. Luke Skywalker-lite.

the kissing booth 1.jpeg

You know the absolute perfect person who could’ve been cast in this movie? Alexander Zverev. Perfect age range to play this character. Surfer dude to make everyone watching question their sexual orientation. Straight guys turn gay for these wannabe LA surfer dudes; gay chicks go straight. There’s power in that hair. This is Alex.

alex zvrev.jpeg

And here’s the lead gent for comparison. Interestingly, the lead doesn’t look like this outside of the movie. The hair really changes his face a lot.

the kissing booth.jpeg

Now that we have that out of the way, and how I firmly believe all romcoms for people of all ages should star tall, lanky surfer dudes with flippy hair out of my not very discrete, sheer personal bias, we shall dig into The KIssing Booth.

This flick feels like it wants to be 10 Things I Hate About You. Without Heath Ledger, and working this thin plot, nobody can really do much with this movie. You rely on the two leads’ charming faces and personalities to lead the way.

I don’t want to imagine the disaster this movie could have been had the leads not been charismatic. A very Scooby-Doo “yikes!” resonates in my head thinking about it. Nothing about this story is realistic enough or weird enough. Pick one. Either you need to go for full on everyday goodness or surrealistic comedy. Hanging in between awkwardly doesn’t do me any favors as an audience member.

In reality, this would’ve gone down like this.

Girl to her male BFF: "You don’t tell me who to date!” She storms off after kicking him in the crotch. He minds his own business from now on.

No, this movie has the dumbest plot possible, and the exception for that to work failed me when the movie tried to be relatable.

Should you watch it? Ah, the lingering question I end many of these reviews. Yes–for the actors, Joey King and Jacob Elordi. I hope to see more of them as their stars grow! I could see both going onto massive careers like, I don’t know, maybe another Julia Roberts and for him, another solid character actor pulling romcom and drama both.