Netflix and Chill #1: "To All the Boys I Loved Before"

According to Netflix, love comes easily. Who by approximately age 16 has loved five people!?!? Whoa, someone uses the word “love” loosely. Why not “fell for,” “crushing,” “fancied,” “eyed,” “held a flame for,” anything else?! Love is a once in a lifetime event. You don’t love that passionately this many times!

Fun fact! The Fresh Prince himself, Mr. Will Smith, produced this work. OK, you have my attention, Mr. Smith. To quote Men in Black, you make any suit look good. This cheesy teen flick better be good. When you’re done this weekend, can you sprinkle some of your cool guy fairy dust on me? Please?

To All the Boys I Loved Before looks nothing like a Will Smith movie. Not hating on it. A statement of truth. To All the Boys I Loved Before looks like it’s trying reaaalalallelllllyEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee hard to appeal to the younger 2010’s market. Millennial pink?! Instagram feed filter aesthetics!? The clothes? Hair? The girl BFF with the hipster hat?! Oooooh, how is this gonna look in a decade or so? Time capsule alert.

It’s a good thing for us the story holds up fairly well for a Netflix movie. You had me worried. Perhaps you’re worried too watching this trailer. Will Smith knows us. He’s cool. He could walk into a McDonald’s like, “I want some fries,” and that’ll look cool on him. He’s done that to this movie. Thank goodness.

Trailers lately are rubbing me the wrong way. I end up enjoying something I expect to hate. Thanks, fake youth marketing techniques. Really, people, watch this trailer. The plot looks like a girl hustling through town like a really low budget copy of Paper Towns looking for letters she didn’t mean to mail out.

Look, we know it’s predictable. A girl pretends to date a guy for appearances and falls for him in the process. I had fun watching this happen like I was 14 again. To All the Boys I Loved Before might be the first teen Netflix movie I’ve watched and really felt I liked a lot.


Analyzing it afterwards, this movie apart from a few moments, is pretty realistic of friends doing friend stuff together. We don’t get the teen comedy fare: weird sexual innuendo jokes abound, girls dressing like Lady Gaga for school, people looking too old to be in high school, people acting too mature for their ages. These people come off normal.

The short part about rolling off the house like a stuntwoman and being OK? Yeah…

What’s up with Netflix sticking their young teen romcom actors in stunt scenes? Same thing in The Kissing Booth.

Of the three Netflix movies I chilled with last weekend, this one wins the high school award for “most likely to be an actual theatrically released movie.” Doesn’t feel like “made for TV” one bit.

You go, Will Smith!