"All The Money in the World" Should Pay Christopher Plummer All the Money in the World for His Acting

This story, done by one of my favorite filmmakers ever Ridley Scott, could have been amazing or a plain, boring movie. How does one make a film about a widely known story anyone can read about on Google? With amazing acting.

Everyone is good in the film. Christopher Plummer makes you quit believing you are watching a movie. Looking at Kevin Spacey’s work as a whole away from his scandalous real life, I was always a fan of him as an actor in films like American Beauty. As good as he is, and he’s really good, Christopher Plummer makes this role look like he is Getty, and Kevin Spacey in most roles I’ve seen him in comes off like amazing acting in a movie. Not once do I say, “Am I watching a film?” Nooooo….my brain knows, “This is a movie.”

The direction and visuals are excellent.

The acting is the selling point, however. Pop this in on Showtime right now and give it a go. You can’t see anyone else taking on the role. All I have to say! Short review today!