Let’s Try It! Atkins & Potts Chipotle Chilli Sauce

A British sauce going Mexican. How interesting is this going to be! 

Trying it, this sauce is very good but tastes nothing like Mexican food cooked in Mexico or the United States’ Mexican border regions. The sauce to me is more like a burgundy sauce pretending to be Mexican. See the ingredients for yourself.  I sampled this on some tacos at home. For the record, I’m not Mexican. I have been  to Mexico and the borders of America.

The texture pours out like a jam, almost a chutney. 

Anyone watching their sugar intake for diabetes or any dietary need should keep the sauce to a minimum. The bottle’s total sugar gram count is 144.71 sugar grams! British food labels frequently don’t give us the whole nutritional information as we do in America. Some research and a bit of math later, I learned the truth.