Strapless Dresses Are Imprisonment; I Am NOT Wearing Strapless Clothes Unless Paid Big Money

Trying my best now explaining this to the male friends reading this, think of you all day long pulling up your upper loincloth shirt. Like if Gladiator’s Maximus Decimus Meridius couldn’t fight in the arena because his dumb shirt kept falling down every ten minutes. Such is life with strapless clothes.

You can’t do anything in them. Possibly worse than strapless clothes are strapless bras. You have a weird bra that does your bust area no favors in the lift and then you’re tugging on not one but two articles of clothing. No strapless bra in the world ever invented does a good job for strapless clothes. Not one item of strapless clothing ever designed for teen fastball fashion or high end couture, and I’ve worn both, ever feels good. You feel stupid. Your armpits could look weird at the wrong angle. You bend over and soon, you could be showing someone you admire for work all the wrong stuff.

Hmmm, hmmmmm. My solution for the strapless bras thing is going to be wearing a very tight one. In life, wearing non-strapless pieces that don’t have crisscrosses is unavoidable. Can’t afford wardrobe malfunctions when I confront Commodus. Who can have her vengeance in this life or the next pulling up an undergarment? ;)

You don’t have to wear strapless dresses and strapless shirts if you hate them. When you want a more revealing look, if you do, try a V neck. No discomfort exists like overpriced clothes making me feel trapped in awkward Saran Wrap that won’t stay put.

And, I’m one step happier. Hurray! One more thing freeing me from clothing imprisonment!