Let's Try It! Mackie's of Scotland Honey & Mustard Potato Crisps

My last experience with the Mackie’s of Scotland brand was sampling their amazing salt and vinegar crisps, or chips, as we’d say in the USA.

Cracking open this bag, I am overpowered by what tastes like honey and horseradish dumped off a skyscraper in full force onto potatoes. The crisps, or chips, in this essence continue their amazing potato-y flavor missing in American chips which somehow usually don’t taste like actual potatoes. My usual ranting is about how American chips aren’t seasoned enough. Mackie’s of Scotland has never heard of “less is more.” To them, more isn’t more enough, you need to pile it on.

My head imagined a bunch of pirates swallowing this on a sailing adventure.

If intensely seasoned junk food is your thing, go for Mackie’s of Scotland. If not, you can always tone them down with some ranch dip or mayo.