Let’s Try It! Zapp’s Voodoo Potato Chips from New Orleans

Some of the best chips I’ve ever had.

You don’t have to live in Louisana to get these. I don’t! Check around your local retailers in the USA. Europeans and Aussies may have to fork over some serious cash to mail them in.

I taste a strangely good sweetened vinegar and sourness together with a hint of something like BBQ that isn’t. The back ingredients say otherwise.


Paprika and some mix of peanut oil. Gluten free. Hmmmmm. Nothing tastes like the ingredients mix. 

The chips have a nice crisp like Midwestern homemade and/or diner chips. 

The salt level is, in millennial speak, totes on fleek. *silence and crickets* Did I just write that, sarcasticness being irrelevant? I don’t speak like that. What might my great uncle say if he were alive and knew I wrote that sentence? He’d grab my bag of chips and never give it back as punishment. Slap me with an old book and say, “Young lady, learn English!” He was onto something.

Inside the bag, the orange dust floating around isn’t Cheeto orange sticky dust. The stuff clings onto the chips in the right amount. Surely you’ll need a quick brush and floss if you don’t want orange teeth at your wedding. Highly not recommended for graduations, nor any formal events involving photographs. Inside your home pigging out, go for it. Eat that whole bag, sir! 

New Orleans and the Midwest have their share of crossover delicacies. Zapp’s chips taste like they could be St. Louis style chips taken up a notch Emeril style. You don’t really know where on the Mississippi they come from. You know they DO, or Chicago, who knows. The East and West Coast of my amazing America could learn from Zapp’s in the fine art of chip making!