Review: SimCity BuildIt for iPhone

Years ago, the old school 90's SimCity for iPhone — yes, taken from PC — was cool again. One day, it quit working on my phone. SimCity's creators decided to cancel it in favor of a gimmick. Why let people have fun when we can have in app purchases exceeding the game price? 

The iPhone version has fun graphics and all. The real problem is they put a waiting game on it. You have to wait for building materials. Five minutes. An hour. Wait to open your beach. Don't want to wait? Spend your game coins which dry up as the game goes on until you're forced to pay to play. This is no fun.  At level 16, where I dropped out, your game makes it impossible to advance quickly. I'd rather pay $5 for a game!

Building your city is great until the game bugs you about spending real money. Sorry, I'm only interested in spending Simoleons. This game is formally deleted off my iPhone.