Review: Episode: Mean Girls for iPhone

To begin, I know someone who works on the Episode story app and am no way swayed by this fact. He doesn't know I'm reviewing it. 

I played the Mean Girls: Senior Year portion of the app. Estimating the age group to play this at 10-18 years old, depending on how bored one is, I'm thankful for a game that lets you, surprise, play it. Sure, you run into the pay for play scheme somewhat. The app lets you make decisions and choose your own adventure halfway. Of course, know that you probably like me won't win the school president election without some pay to play. 

Playing myself, I am an Illinois high school student new in town who doesn't quite fit into any cliques because she's not too popular nor too geeky to fit in. Wow, a stretch for a girl actually from Illinois who was never at high school enough to participate in it. I did attend high school in tenth grade part time in the day and did community college. Eleventh grade, I only took cooking, Spanish and one semester of computers at high school.  Looks like from the Mean Girls story on this app I didn't miss out on anything.

Regina George and I competed in a pseudo Miss Teen USA pageant where I took massive scissors to her dress. "Nic Russin was a pre-teen plastic?!" someone said at the school assembly. This game makes you enter a first and last name. Regina never forgave me for it. 

At one point, I caved in and got revenge on Regina George using the free stars you soon have to buy with real money should you want to continue using them. 

As simple as this game is, we must credit the story writers and app developers with giving users more brain cell capacity in the choices. You have tasks to complete. By comparison, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, which I'm reviewing after this, makes your brain go on mute. I came to reviewing iPhone games after chilling with my WiiU Donkey Kong, which is like an SAT test beside any of the iPhone app games I've played so far. In my journey of iPhone app testing, Episode is the best so far after Angry Birds but that's not saying much. I don't feel very stimulated.  And, the pay to play for this game to turn a bit fun turns me off.

I liked interacting with the characters from the movie and the silly tasks you do. To an extent. I hardly got to explore. 

Also, why is my face smashed like a pug and/or down too low in the character creator? Everyone else in this game has a normal face. The smashed down face could explain why I'm less popular in this game.