Let's Try It! (NEW!) Coca-Cola Zero Sugar aka. New Coke Zero

Coca-Cola is my vice. Specifically, diet drinks because I can't drink regular without getting sick.

hahahahahahahah, I laughed in lowercase text aloud. Coca-Cola thinks this tastes like regular Coke?!?! Who were their taste testers???!?? 

Surely, this drink is less potent. It tastes watered down. The old Coke Zero had a thickness to it similar to the real Coke with a different taste. This is like watered down Zero mixed into a syrupy tone. Mmmm, thinking. The old frat boy phrase of not tossing a moderately hot woman out of bed though she could be better comes to mind. I wouldn't turn down Coke Zero Sugar, though I'd prefer an old Coke Zero from the collection currently hiding under my bed because Pottery Barn intended their stuffy, Martha Stewart-ish fine boxed bed units to store Coke Zero. Pottery Barn forecast the future. You know they're not simply doing pottery out in that barn. Probably some global scheme Alex Jones knows about. *sarcasm; not sarcasm about actually using it to store Coke Zero LOL*

Coke can do better. The ingredient list reads almost the same. Healthier, I doubt it. The brand probably went cheaper. This is so thinned out. Like almost a generic brand, though that comes off throwing shade at Walgreens' Nice! drinks. Clarifying like a bad generic brand. This is purely diluted moneysaving ridicuous cheapness.

Please don't change Diet Coke. I'm too heartbroken between this and the iPod's extinction.