Music Tip #8: Make Your Own Movie to Be a Film Score Composer

Want to be a film score composer? Join the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people in line. 

Finding work as a film score composer is a lot easier if you're Junkie XL and have Britney remixes to your credits. 

Geting work as Mr. Unknown is pretty hard. As I can't say enough, you're up against composers who are friends, protégés and/or lovers of people in charge., like, oh, the filmmakers. You don't have any film credits to your score resume. Or, you may have never done a film score at all.

The way around this is making your own movie. Short or feature, the length doesn't matter. Release your score on streaming and sale venues using CDBaby or Tunecore. As a film director I know advised me some time ago, you may not be a super famous filmmaker or film composer yet, however, when you have something to your resume credits you are working on or have released, you can properly introduce yourself as a filmmaker and film score composer.

Making a movie is terrifying. I won't lie to you. You, if you're in my shoes, will not quite as much experience with film or animation as you do with music training. Understandable. Do it anyway. You need to hire yourself most of the time or you may be waiting forever for a chance. You'll be like me going to parties meeting people for years and hoping for the best, all for them to nver hire you. Remember, you are up against all odds. The single way to get a foot in the door in this industry is giving yourself the opportunity.