Music Tip #14: Run, Don't Walk Away, From Bad Agency Representation

This advice applies to any industry, actually.

I today as I write this was sending off my samples to an across the board agency for voiceover acting and composing. The agent told me they couldn't tell anything about me from "your singing demos." I sent them a basic voice reading and several composing clips.

When I was with one modeling agency, my agent told me how much she hated my recent book photos and an hour later that afternoon, asked to sign me as a new model to her agency as she loved my photos and "your look!" Yeah, OK, some mental issues are going on there.

When someone writes you "dear sir" and your name is Nicole with a female photo, run!

It doesn't matter who it is. When you deal with people too arrogant/stupid/high/drunk/rude enough to see what you are doing, you should never sign with them. Do not stay with that agency if you did. Please leave. Run, don't walk, far away.

These people need to learn how to think before they speak. Say in the event someone made an error. They should clarify, "I did not listen to this because we don't have an interest in taking on new talent in that category. / It isn't our expertise. / INSERT FAKE EXCUSE." Instead, professionalism goes out the window. You're lucky you got away!