Music Tip #11: A Clockwork Orange Juice, Yum

Think how a clock moves its several hands. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days, on some clocks.

A good song at any given time works all of those.

You have in our example a 4/4 song, very simple. You could have long, drawn out whole notes in chords. At this time, you have multiple elements smaller than that running alongside each other in assorted instrument sections.

Or, in vocals, if in a rock band.

A song with only "hours" ticking grows boring. These are your standard bubblegum pop songs following trends set by everyone else as opposed to being the summer hits. In five years' time, you don't remember them.

They're the songs trying to sound like John Williams and failing. You can't tell anything apart.

You need to have a complex song filled with what my teacher called "clockwork" to remember it and hear its depth! Grab that orange juice and get your best film score composing on!