Book Tip #4: "Should I Follow What's Popular in This Genre?"

I can't believe people ask me this. Why you want to copy some trend at your age is beyond me.

No. You're 45 and follow trends like you're 11.

With the example of everyone copying Twiight, let's hit it.

No. You as a DIY self publisher need time to do a good job writing your book. By the time it gets done, the trend will be over. No more vampires. We're into gothic lobsters now.

No. You seeking a major publisher if that didn't convince you have to wait for your book to be run through editors. A rewrite. Another edit on Chapter 8. When your book comes out 12-36 months later, nobody will care about vampires.

No. Do not copy that movie trilogy from 2017 called Mutant Vampire Weasel Astronauts. I made that up, OK. Please don't go on IMDb and look. The weasel franchise will be old news maybe not when your book is written in six months but in five years. You will be that guy everyone makes fun of when the new trend is angry strawberry birds.

No gets said a lot here. YOUR COPY WILL BE DATED IN NO TIME. Do you know now no is a solid no? Be yourself!