"Lion" Means Hollywood Screenwriters Learned Life Exists Outside Hollywood

After you're like me, a girl watching everything, you know what Hollywood thinks of the world outside Hollywood. NYC is Italian mafia and shopaholic bimbos. Chicago is cops and mafia. Florida is Miami Vice mafia. Everyone in London is a royal, Tokyo houses giggling people who laugh for no reason, Sydney is about people who work out all day outside and alligator wrestle. Everyone else resides in Small Town, USA, this weird Leave It to Beaver universe, though sometimes it dips into Chicago. People there are absolutely stupid because nobody in the Midwest graduates fourth grade. They dress like the crowd of people waiting outside The Today Show every morning as nobody in Hollywood knows people in fake Chicago suburbs are not all blondes wearing awful second grade teacher knit sweaters. If anything, Mean Girls was the most accurate Midwestern high school wardrobe I saw in my youth when I was that age.

In Lion, a young boy gets lost and loses his family in India. He is adopted out to an Aussie family. You may have read ahead with media news stories. I, of course, was born in what Hollywood says is Leave It to Beaver Illinois and don't read news much less things containing words. I get my news from Moses style stone tablets decked out in hieroglyphics. Thus, I didn't know how this story would end upon viewing.

Lion is an outstanding movie. Thank you for gifting Dev Patel with a role worthy of his talent. Thank you, Academy, for recognizing him above the cliches. Lion could've, maybbeeeeee gone undercover with La La Land competing during the same Oscar buzz season.

Something about knowing this was all real makes the film special. I can't explain it any other way. Like a living fairy tale.

If only the young child actor, Sunny Pawar, were nominated for his acting. I recently rewatched The Piano. Mr. Pawar's acting was something like a man beyond his years in this tiny body no comparison to the award winning acting from Anna Paquin as a child. I love Anna, and she's great there, deserving fo' sho', yet this kid makes her acting seem like nothing. Why wasn't he nominated? Why doesn't someone else use him in their work? Why's go into my mind. Mr. little Sunny carries a good portion of the movie. Please take notice, Hollywood.