Music Tip #12: Embrace the Crazy and Unexpected

At the time I write this tip, my most recent cover single is what I describe as a punk electrónica cover of Eurymthics' "Sweet Dreams." I was recording a one handed lead piano version of the main Annie Lennox vocal. Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? That part.

All thus time, I felt I was writing it because I needed someone with a rock or metal guitar style to play it. I don't play the guitar and felt like I was ready to be confused on social media asking around. I wanted to work with a new guitarist I've never known.

When I was on the computer, I was frustrated, playing with the settings. I intentionally messed up the piano recording and disliked it. Another setting. Another. Soon, it was crunchy, crispy, static. Like a retro guitar but too odd to really sound like a real guitar. Like a weird fake guitar instrument no one had. This mistake added onto what I felt all along I'd been looking for that a real guitar couldn't have done and fit the song perfectly. 

I had a whole different plan when I began the song initially. I was going to have a whispery piano and throw a beat over it gently. That plan went out the window when I made a random beat I felt belonged there like it was meant to be. It didn't have anything covering it. This pure, simple beat with the bass put way up. I layered my fake static guitar and other sounds over it. Everything came together right. 

When you have a plan, plans are for other situations. Corporate offices scheduling catering. Teachers and homework assignments. You don't always function with them within a creative process. This goes against every music lecture probably. Any online studies you may know. Music teachers want us to practice so much, we plan everything later on as adults.

As in life, frequently the unexpected plans are the best.