Let's Try It! Mooala Banana Milk

Organic, dairy free, nut free and made of bananas! This milk needs to be labeled Foodie Hipster 2017 Approved from the description itself. I'm a big fan of soy milk. Would this new kid in town hold up?

My fears were the big ones. Is this selling because it's cool? Will this taste like a liquified banana? Is it thick? Does it have a weird taste at all? 

The flavor is a slight banana at most. You don't know what you're drinking. The liquid is silky and yummy early in the morning — my main priority. When you drink it, it goes down your throat comfortably and passes the "early morning icky acid" test. You know like when you drink a fiery energy drink without eating anything first in the morning?

At three grams of sugar, no saturated fat, one protein gram and seemingly healthy fat in a few grams per serving, this banana milk isn't bad. Victory: it doesn't make me sick! Hurray!

Soy milk is my regular; banana milk, this brand, is my fun item. I'm already on my third purchase and will make it a staple at my kitchen. 

On the subject of vegan milk alternatives, please farmers and lobbyists, putting "soy milk" or "soymilk" on a carton beside dairy milk will never confuse myself or any consumers. We are drinking milk alternatives because they taste better. Get over yourselves.