Let's Try It! Calpico Strawberry Yogurt Drink

Why did I name this little series "Let's Try It!"? How about let's not? Why did I have to try this drink? Oh, right. Because I try everything for you readers out there and social media friends logging onto this.

Ugh, where do I begin?

The taste is like Pepto Bismol married sugar. Massive yuck. Somewhere in there, I tasted something like children's cough syrup. Never am I a person to say WTF because I'm ladylike but openly, yes, I surely was thinking it.

Shame on you, Calpico. Japan offers the finest junk food around.

Let's review the nutritional info.

One measely percent juice. What is that. No question mark. Really, I said it like, "What is that." A let down.

26 sugar grams per serving. Two servings in a bottle. A total of 52 sugar grams when you drink this entire disaster. I didn't finish it because, hello, diabetic if you don't already know from reading my diary. I took two sips and became the goddess of hatred and fire probably ten minutes afterwards to all around me. I'm writing this review after coming down to my senses many hours later, possibly throwing a few laser flames at everyone from my magic Voldemort wand. Meaning, this drink must really be really loaded with the worst kind of sugar possible because I don't get that way eating 11 grams (?) of natural fruit derived sugar in a fresh fruit salad.

Sodium isn't bad.

One gram of protein for a yogurt basd drink!?! You can do better or don't call it a yogurt beverage.

Carbs on this thing are like eating bread. 18 percent of your daily carbs come from this junk when you drink the whole bottle. Rather than that, you can eat a delicious pizza slice. Or, pull a Garfield and go for lasagna and cat nap it. This garbage drink isn't worth it. I mean, if it were like an amazing guilty pleasure drink, sure risk it. It kind of sucked.

The drink is so thinned out, it's not good at all. Plehhhh. Tossed this away.