Music Tip #6: Guess What Happens Next?

OK, read that headline. Read it again now. What do you think I'm referencing?

An unused brain is a fire hazard! Think about it before you read on!

Did you guess what I was about to say?

Oh, you didn;t! You were supposed to guess.

What You Did And/Or Do

When you sight read and/or play/sing anything your teacher gives you in music class, most people kind of snail out mentally. Their brains go to mush.

"The next class is biology. Oooooh, who can I ask out to winter formal? Brad Pitt over there's looking pretty cute. Should I ask him? Does it matter he has 2,000 children? Wait, what? Why am I 30 years old as I write this imagin– ooooh igneous rocks. Do I have a test on them?"

And some other girls in my class were, in full truth, crushing on my band teacher. He looked like a soap opera guy. I got it. LOL.

How about paying attention in band class or any music class? You probably don't, or you only focus on slipping up notes. Naughty you! You deserve a slap on the wrist with my teacher ruler! Go to the attendance office!

What You Should Do

You're supposed to be guessing the rest of the story like you do when you watch a movie and say, "Ryan Gosling is absolutely ending up with that girl again!"

You need to be guessing the next chords and notes!

Does the song go sad? Does it slow down? What happens next?

This all gets your brain going. Your brain will be able to compose and write lyrics the better you get at this game.

Don't leave this at your music class with your homework. When you listen to any song, give it a go. An instrumental song playing in the back for a movie? Surely, you know the rest of how it goes as Ryan Reynolds walks down the sidewalk! Nick Jonas? It applies to everyone's music.

Get your brain thinking. I know. Unheard of. Guess what happens next as you work for everything!

"How are you so wise?"

I know. Little me and all these words of wisdom I pass on in music tips.

I gain some of my trusted information from past music teachers who were severely underpaid and passionate about teaching. Someday, I hope their passion lives on by me doing big studio film scores, winning an Oscar would be nice and your guys following suit as being awesome musicians following their advice!