Let's Try It! UCC Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee With Milk

Imported from Japan! Cold Kona coffee in a can! The Hawaiian goddess within my Midwesterness jumped inside reading the can until my eyes read the words.

"Contains not less than 10 percent Kona."

What!?! Did you seriously tell me that!?! Oh, I already bought the can. Man, does this suck.

Opening up the can, I was delighted ever so with the iced coffee. Nothing like a home barista makes. Appreciating it for its plasticness. In viewing it as an artificial drink to be enjoyed slowly with an informal meal like you won't compare McDonald's fries to the Ritz-Carlton kitchen, it's fairly good, lack of Kona and all.

At 22 grams of sugar, this is one drink you might want to split into two sessions or into mini iced coffees for friends.

kona 2.JPG