Let's Try It! Tandoor Chef Eggplant Naan Pizza

The supermarket had a sale on these. In a rush, I picked up my usual pick, the eggplant.

Several years have passed since I last ate it. I've now this month eaten two. Yes, foodies eat frozen food sometimes. Gasp!

The worst Indian frozen food is always better than a lot of bad American restaurant food you'll find in a moment of despair. And in truth, Tandoor Chef is a pretty good frozen food brand overall judged from a frozen food eating view excluding sit down restaurant food comparisons. I love it myself. Sure, it's not my former neighbor's homemade saag paneer level Indian cuisine. Whatever. Good stuff, nonetheless.

The naan aspect removes the frat boy feeling from eating frozen pizza. A hungry girl like me post workout can easily polish this down. Therefore, this pizza is amaze-naan for my Monday workout days in which I become Thor and lift weights. Mmmm, protein and eggplant!

Guilty pleasure for sure and sure to be a frequent emergency quick meal in my freezer.

I've tried all of their naan pizzas. Eggplant is the best pick, followed by margherita.