Let's Try It! Sway Water, Strawberry Flavor

Five calories, one gram of sugar, no baddies – saturated fat, sodium, so on – and it doesn't taste like five calories. Yes! #winning

Sway Water is another local Austin, Texas find I picked up on review day. I love finding local products everywhere.

The checkout girl told me she had tried peach and strawberry was the best flavor. I paid for one and sampled it right there in the store before buying more. Everyone I shared them with adored the strawberry flavor like I did.

Sway Water is crafted with REAL FRUIT, and is committed to the highest standards of quality; from off the tree, into the bottle, and all the way to you.

We began Sway Water as an attempt to create a beverage for friends and family during the long, hot Texas summers. We had one goal in mind, to produce a better product, one that was refreshing and hydrating. A product free from preservatives, loads of sugar, and all that artificial yuckiness. Our team began crafting and combining as many flavors as we could think of... have you ever had spicy habanero water... because we have. And after many trials and lessons learned, we are here! We have crafted a set of REAL GOOD products that we are very proud of and are happy to share with y’all!
— Sway Water

When you're bpred of plain sparkling water and seltzer water, give this a sip.

They don't have very many social media friends and not a lot of marketing at the moment. Awww. Cue the sad puppy eyes. Do your thang and friend them on Twitter.

I'm kind of in a "special" mood today. See my earlier post where I reviewed a movie and ranted against establishment filmmaking. In it, I said we need to take more chances on new people and brands. I said so meaning music and film but included food and branding. My suggestion was when any of us like something, we need to go online and talk about it. We need to focus beyond sponsored posts and give back to people who create good art and things because the positivity will someday be returned. Also, of note, we'll see our favorite creators and brands go big and be able to enjoy more of the work the more popular they become. I don't know. Feeling so optimistic today! What gives? Probably a bunch of good food I've been trying as of late!