Let's Try It! Ahmad Tea, Apple Refresh Flavor

I love America. No way am I pulling an Ariana Grande and denouncing my country via licking donuts.

Nevertheless, I loathe American tea. In particular, American tea with fruity flavors. All of it tastes like eating a Glade wax candle to me. Foreign tea made for the American market dumbs itself down into what they view as our palate. Americans have no standards for tea drinking and would drink rotten leaves covered in used litterbox sand! OK. Please, foreign friends, don't drink our tea. You're better off heating NYC sewage and brewing it. Cheaper.

Ahmad Tea's apple flavor contains real fruit chunks. Hurray! No weird candle tastes. When you first drink it, you're startled a bit if like me you avoid fruity teas for the candle issue and love it within probably two seconds aftermath.

I've been drinking this daily for my morning kettle. Excellent stuff. I'd compare it like a really good, warm country apple cider infused in a hot tea. Not yucky. My description may sound a tinge yucky. Nope. Amazing stuff.

Order yourself a box online!