I'm Now 30 Years Old! Sprinkles Cupcakes + 30 Things I'm Grateful For

On my precious 30th birthday of June 26, 2017, I was reminded of the film 13 Going on 30. Was I any wiser than I age 13? Older inside? Looking different? Yes on the third question. I feel like a grown up version of the same person I was at 13. My physical appearance is like an older 13 year old me. I *think*.

I walked to Sprinkles Cupcakes the day before and picked up a solid batch o' sugar free, red velvet cupcakes. The absolute best! Their frosting, or icing, I at this point get confused on the regional dialect termination, is soooooo good.

30 things I'm grateful for:

1) Being alive and healthy(er-ish). Big one.

2016 absolutely sucked and threw off my work goals schedule. My eye issues are much improved. My diabetes is under control! I'm following this super awesome probiotic-vegan-ish-fishy diet I jokingly call the "Euro Japanese diet" because it's so heavy on salmon for omega 3's and my well rounded veggies and fruit. No shellfish, of course, but also no meat, no poultry, simply stuff good for you in the highest dosage of protein and vitamins in the lowest calorie form. I look healthy and have pigment! Did you know? Last year, I looked so bad at one point, I lost pretty much pigment everywhere save my hair? Eyelashes included. My eyelashes were dull, this grey-ish black. My skin looked awful. I'm now really flush and healthy looking! Pigmented!

2) Working on finishing my first toon this year for real!

I am blessed to be animating this between all of my career goals. Animation is hard. I'm putting in the work! It feels like running on a big treadmill and checking the time if the workout is done yet. Lots of hard work.

3) Tapping into classical trap music.

This started as a joke when I was poking fun of how cool and absurd trap yoga classes are. Sign me up. As silly as I am, taking one sounds like fun. Thus, I released my own instrumental classical-trao music hybrid single and now aim to do more. This, friends, is how you get people to care about classical and film music.

4) Getting started on DIY fake nails.

Yeah, I won't shut up about this. I feel that good. As of last Saturday evening, I am no longer chained to the nail salon every two weeks for a refill. Not only am I one amazing composer and overall outstanding web design godess, my "being good with my hands" extends to DIY nails. Hurray! Still learning. Proud of what I can do already.

5) Flat out seeing my music on iTunes and knowing people stream it.

Always hitting me like, "Wow, my music classes really did something for me." I"m no longer that 13 year old girl wishing she doubled up as composer/filmmaker. I am growing into who she wished she would grow up to be.

6) All my social media friends. Twitter especially!

Getting a big group of social media friends is hard. On Twitter, I have the nicest people around from everywhere in the world, every profession, all levels of fame and normalcy, so many walks of life. I ocassionally get someone who trolls me, the kicker being they are trolling everyone and/or fake accounts. People are kind on my friends list, supportive, engaging, intellectual, silly, and every positive adjective. Not one day do I look down at my phone and read expletives telling me off. Wonderful folks.

7) Being slightly more organized.

Once again, I'm following my favorite seventh grade science teacher's advice to me for school planners. She made us write in ours all the time. I don't plan, though plans and organization are now growing bigger in my life. A beauty supplies storage drawer. Thinking about what I have to do scene by scene tidying up my first toon. Having a place and time for it all.

8) iTunes gift cards on rotation.

From my Barclays Rewards credit card! Always used on movies, of course. My favorite free download so far: The Lego Batman Movie.

9) Having fun with prescription glasses.

Oh, last year when I went to contact lens jail, I felt they were a death sentence. When I was 8, I used to break my glasses on purpose. Right now, I am able to go out in contact lenses as an option and wear glasses plenty. I have bubblegum pink frames like glasses Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn might wear sometimes at her psych ward doctor day job and some kind of subtle, professional ones I got last year. I'd love to have a collection of frames in peppermint, aqua, hot pink, lilac, and my favorites, pastels. So many people compliment me on the pink frames!

10) Awesome clothes at last.

I have these really nice sheath dresses nowadays that weren't there before! And denim skirts galore. Boots. Shoes. Earrings. I'm right now at a place where my clothes are more a reflection of who I want to look like and not the costume I put on to impress others. You're never right. You will always be too wild, too stuffy, too business professional, not professional enough, too tomboyish, too girly. Dress for yourself and yourself alone.

11) Streaming's wide selection of classical music and other genres. Including embarassing music.

Want to listen to the Meet Joe Black score at random? Underground hip hop? Iggy Azalea's old mixtape on Spotify? Old Handel? Embarassing pop music you're too old to like as the intended demographic? All there and accessible.

12) Not having wrinkles nor having aged since I was 15.

A big deal to me. My face is an oval with lots of cheeks and baby face softness. When I talk and smile, I become a circle face. At 15, I was always wondering why I didn't have the sleek faces popular back then with Hollywood it girls. Those it girls are now chiseled away, Botoxed, surgically invaded on repeat, and filled up with dermal fillers. I haven't aged and hope I never do with the baby face cheeks! #winning

13) Getting focused on exercising. Again.

I do body weight exercises and weight lifting weekly. At some point, the goal is to increase my weighted workout days to two per week.

14) Enjoying Scottie's presence daily.

Last year, I met Scottie, an older rescue dog. He's one amazing guy who deserved never to be at the NYC kill shelter. Given just days to live, he's lucky to have gotten out of there. We spend a lot of time together with our other pets and alone. Scottie is so sweet. It's never too late to make a new friend.

15) Discovering Sprinkles has a sugar free cupcake, period.

My life used to have the lone option of the Cheesecake Factory's fluffy sugarless cupcake. Sure, I could make my own sugar free treats. The need to be pampered takes over most days when I want to be out and have fun. The Sprinkles chain is in every city I loiter in! I always have a place to go now for my sugar-free sweet cravings. Did I mention cupcake ATM time?!

16) Being more of an open book online.

Keeping everything inside makes me feel stupid and like a loser. Our time period tells us someone isn't supposed to click like on cat photos because someone on LinkedIn might see it. As we speak, my sharing this list on my website is not corporate. Our society is built on fakery and impressing others through a false social media lens. I want to be human. From now on, my goal is share, share, share. Have people know they can't start rumors about me or get the wrong impression of me. I'm here to correct the misconceptions. Yeah, and lots of cat pictures along the journey. I've started uploading on my YouTube channel. Before 2017, I was so scared of doing so.

17) Isla being healthy.

Isla this year had teeth removed and lost weight. Her health worried me to say the least as an older rescue dog. She is now back being happy and wild. Like Scottie, I found out about Isla thanks to Marilyn Young of New Rattitude, who always looks out for terriers on death row and at rescue groups. Isla was adopted through Ratbone Rescue, driven from Albany to NYC in January 2010. She has since traveled to many states. Isla loves chasing creatures and harassing birds with her snippy bark. She plays all day.

18) Being more active with my merch shop.

I kind of put this off for years. Creating your own designs takes so long. Marketing it. Promoting it. Wearing it out. Here, I'm seen wearing my own iPhone case design. Of course, pre-DIY fake nails.

19) Enjoying the sunshine.

Hey, summer!

20) Seltzer water.

A must. An addiction. Obsession. Love.

21) Any moments I eat Japanese food.

What kind of Nihonophile would I be if not valuing them?

22) Always meeting unexpected people on social media.

Getting a DM from someone who wants to chat me up in the industry. Meeting brands I love like Hanky Panky, Brahmin, Ugg Australia and others whom I did not get to know when I was doing modeling agencies and seeing they follow me on Twitter. Meeting newbie actors and actresses on a daily basis I hope to work with someday and do my part in helping them become famous casting them in my future work. The fact itself I can post an acting job or audiobook acting gig on Twitter and get people to do it who are talented and qualified.

23) My having acted in voice work for other people.

Because other people don't have to say yes.

24) Comparing myself only to myself.

Difficult, oh yes. Something I've improved vastly with. Referencing here my physical look, inner mind, career goals, and progress with my career goals. Nobody else has ever been in my situation unique to me of wanting to do all these things stepping out of one career track in their late 20's full force and likely never will again. I don't have anyone to compare myself to by that alone. With body image and confidence, I don't see a lot of people who look identical to me head to toe nor will you. Therefore, I can only compare myself to myself.

25) Customizing my life.

Materialistic. So what. I love not having a regular laptop with icons but weird stuff when you open up a computer program. I have a strange lamp in my room with a white pineapple base and a lamp shade full of kisses on top. I own peppermint furniture pieces. Nothing I like is generic. Much of what I do DIY or not is exclusive to me.

26) School being way out of the picture.

Not once did I love school apart from foreign lanuage, science, and music. Some history, only when the teacher was good. I kind of liked junior high school journalism class from it being so hands on and not me sitting with a book the entire time. My having school and college left behind in my youth – I last attended college when I was 19 because of this obnoxious graduating early thing that didn't wind up helping me much – makes me happy.

27) That 30 isn't the end of the world like we, myself inlcuded, make it out to be.

I have a long way to go from my final moments. Hoping to live forever, whatever that means is humanly possible. I have years to work on putting out my animated works and live action stories in my head. They don't have to all debut in 2017.

28) Getting web design clients on the side.

I get to keep up my skills. Web design is fun for me. Knitting might be your thing. I enjoy input in my own website and helping others within entertainment and art achieve their dreams with great tech skills.

29) Always skipping tourist traps and eating local fare instead.

Another must.

30) Getting my salad on without making "ugh" eyes.

I always sorta, maybe, kinnnnnnnd of ate salads reluctantly. I now eat homemade salads loaded with goodies and great dressing. Getting my nutrition!