A Rant on Filmmaking Unfairness and How "The Space Between Us" Wants to Be Sci-Fi's "The Fault In Our Stars"

Read my headline. And it's not happening.

The Space Between Us isn't really a bad movie. Good movie? Not really. Indifferent. Like eating canned soup at a lousy student cafeteria versus homemade gourmet soup and a grilled cheese. Sad. Lonely. Not bad. Not good. Not fuzzy good where your utmost confidence boost goes through the roof and endorphins go wild inside your brain.

I love The Fault in Our Stars to where it's like this generation's The Notebook. I watch it every time it's on, seemingly!

This movie wants to be some mixture of that and Paper Towns. I mean, yeah, Paper Towns was nowhere as good as the first. And now, every film for young people is within that standard. "Hey, why don't we make something similar to The Perks of Being a Wallflower!"

Major run-on sentence time.

All the same music, vibes, shots, plot points, sloooooooooowwwwww turtle crossing the road unfolding, cutesy holding hands act, people texting each other with words on screen, someone is desperately plagued/missing/dying, like flat out lifting the themes and all the people who are followers writing articles online say, "This movie looks good AF!" because adding AF into a sentence is milennial speak written by people who are clearly not milennials, and, and, and, yeah, milennials love this stuff; group them into one giant lump of coal as a an audience demographic!

No creativity.

 Boy is born on Mars. Boy meets girl online. Boy leaves Mars to meet girl. Boy and girl search for his biological dad. Boy gets sick. Goes back to Mars.

Are we watching a sci-fi movie at all? Because The Lost Song called and wants its style back. Mars is not a character in this movie at all. You're the first person ever born on the red planet and all we see is you chatting to a girl!??!

No major plot development, funny lines, crazy cool imagery, Avatar nerdom stuff, romantic intensity, passionate safe for work love scenes, humor, wit, 13 Reasons Why relevance to an important topic, yeah, pretty much anything from a good movie is ghosting this flick.

A major point as to why movies were better before CGI took over and all this same old stuff became our collective universe. People had to go out of their way with plots because when your movie flopped, you were done. You had nothing to rely on for visual sameness and fitting into the crowd. You as a filmmaker/screenwriter had to bring it with plot, puppetry, actors giving it their all, passion, fun, emotion, hard work, excitement, heart, love for your characters, and all you had within your bones. However long you needed to get it done, you did it with polish and for a lot less money by today's filmmaking budgets. People kicking butt on screen really had to pull in FX guys and stunt women/men. You know what you saw on screen was kind of real.

And yeah, here, nothing feels real in this mpvie or the copycats it sits in. On the surface, it's kind of mildly entertaining and professional looking. Lacking in everything else, there is not any soul to it. You don't feel for anyone, laugh, cry, smile, want to give someone a hug, feelings coming out of you. You sit there and get bored like you want to text Domino's a pizza emoji for instant delivery. Should I put black olives on it? I love black olives. Anchovies? Gross, maybe not, but it's a weird craving day. We could do it, Domino's. Oh, the movie? Yeah, still going. Guy's looking for his birth dad like Paper Towns style. Mmmmm, breadsticks. Anyone here want breadsticks? Marinara sauce? Need to include this in the order, guys! Answer me!

I get so pissed off when I see movies being made by people who are in it for the money and fame. It's like, no, me, a bunch of other people out there have been dreamers forever who really have niches we'd love to build on. We'd love to be a part of this world. Me, also composing in this world and facing sexism and when I was 20, having a filmmaker steal my submitted score to have someone else compose it COUGH A MAN, yeah, you see where I'm coming from. Life is not always fair. Most of us dreamers will make it someday, somehow, someway.

For now, we are working on our debuts or the work that kicks us into the doors as actors, composers, writers, directors, and here we have a bunch of people selling out. I don't mean like "direct a Jurassic World film and do a big summer movie" sell out because big summer movies are super fun. No, like, giving the world another bland opportunistic moment of sameness for you earning a paycheck you don't need right now as you have the power with solid IMDb credits to do whatever you want independently, taking risks. Those people who do film school, big university master's programs in music, acting lessons and other training you see for the resume knowing they want the money.

As opposed to that dreamy guy you see singing for free in a coffee shop like his life depends on it because he'd sing for it, he who is undiscovered and doesn't have the money or passion for a publicist, he who could be that next big rocker? All of this in one feeling manifested itself watching this movie. This bitterness and not envy but actual disgust for people who don't appreciate anything at this time in the entertainment industry.

Someone on this film set or anything like it probably felt blessed to be there. Everyone!? Mmmmmmmm, uhhhhhhhh. No.

How do I end this rant? Unsure. Probably that we as a public whole should give opportunities to the new people, the dreamers by investing in them. Follow them on social media. See their work. Buy their music and not only stream it. Stream their songs all the time. Give new people free press by blogging about them when you like a new band or filmmaker. Write on Twitter about how good a local product is on a trip to Quebec. Give people kindness, a pinch of money to support their art/work, and publiciity online any way you can. Spend our dollars wisely in choosing what to rent and buy. All of this. Use our money to say no more to the same old stuff. Money is what moves mountains. Our support for something innovative and new can put a stop to this constant whatever genre of "Milennial love story" movie is happening.