Music Tip #5: Long Nail Advice For Piano, Instruments and Whatever

Yes, you can write music, play it, write by hand, spicy up your laptop music and all you desire with long nails! A post here dedicated to my drag queens, fellow ladies, transgendered folks. and punk men who are man enough to make the most effeminate wears macho and proud of it.

I hate wearing nail polish, or varnish for my UK pals. Loathe artificial nails or doing my nails, period. But because moments exist when I’ve worn them for whatever reason, generally when I’m pretending to fit in the world,  here are my tips, haha, get it, tips? ;) Because girls are “supposed to” do their nails. I don’t know! By the time you read this, I may be done with nails for life, unless say, I were to be in a film on camera requiring me to wear nails as a character!

Never get square or wide nails. Always have them long and narrowed so you can touch things using the sides of your fingers. Really, they won't interfere at all.

Playing flat handed is too extreme. I don't *think* you need to do that. In my experiences ages ago, flute doesn't matter. Your nails can be full on corpse bride length. A lot easier not square but square can be done like the nice 1980's Wall Street exec you are.

Piano, keyboard, iPad keyboard, piano things of any kind, you need narrower nails. Stiletto, oval. Almond. Ballerina. Coffin. These tips do well. Don't hit the points. Play kind of spread. I find that fake nails help me be less crunched up on both the laptop and piano things. I stretch a lot better with my giant hands and don't curl them.  No more crunched up hands! No more worries of "am I going to be old fruit one day with carpal tunnel?"

If the nail salon people ever lay them on too wide and you are afraid to go DIY, file them down at home or find a new nail person. Show them a photo. Pop out that Lana Del Rey photo and have them replicate it or someone with skinny nails! You'll fit them into your lifestyle!

Always text and play with your pads gently. Not too flat or too crunched. Playing with tips is bad skill anyway! 

Have fun with your new nails, buddies. xoxo, Nicole