Let's Try It! Kokonut Bourbon Vanilla Coconut Dairy-Free Yogurt

Wow, was that title long.

For all who diss vegan items, this is better than any dairy treat I've had and the right portion. I picked this up expecting it to be like my standard So Delicious brand fare. Not to diss them either. I heart So Delicious, Nancy's Soy, Whole Foods 365 dairy yogurt. Scandinavian brands. Icelandic. All of them. I mean. I'm a yogurtaholic.

Kokonut tastes like a fabulously fluffy dessert you'd have at a hotel restaurant. You know like, those fine ones where the cost of a dessert is selling your kidney on the black market. The portion is about not too much nor too little. Goldilocks just right.

This is the first flavor I chose. Can't wait to try the rest!

I try a lot of foods and weird stuff. Please whoever is a buyer at national supermarkets, please pick this up and carry it in your stores so we don't have to visit nor live in Austin, Texas for enjoying one.  Really good stuff. Pair it up with fruit and really, this is like the most excellent vegan yogurt I've ever had because it doesn't taste like yogurt!