Let's Try It! Abali Yogurt Soda (Original Flavor)

 I was told by the saleswoman, "I don't really like it. Are you sure you would? A girl comes in here every day and buys one. It's, uh...an acquired taste."

None of the other reviews online capture the real flavor of this drink. The saleswoman herself could barely sum it up beyond something like, "Sweet and really sour. It's yogurt." Oh wow, thanks a lot for not describing a drink you claim to hate so much, old lady cashier.

Because I'm a fan of the strange and more so a fan of the acquired taste edibles, I gave it a go. A cold bottle serving up yogurt over seltzer water I had heard was popular in Iran. I'm addicted to seltzer and soda beverages. Come on.

"Let me open it. It will explode all over you." The elderly woman stirred my drink. I stared on several feet away from the cash register.

My first sip into it did taste really strange. Definitely not sour but like a plain yogurt dumped into my favorite seltzer water. Exactly like that sounds. Hmmm. Fo' sho' classified into "the weird."

I stirred it more with the donated straw and starting liking it. Good in a weird fairy flavored cocktail by the sea feel. Yummy. And so rich. Not worth buying a giant Super Bowl Sunday Pepsi size. Absolutely worth the medium sized individual drink. No more weirdness after the second taste. Over meat or grilled veggies, this fizzy dairy concoction complements your main course. Over chocolate, likely not.

In full disclosure, I knew I shouldn't be drinking it because it had TWO servings of 9 grams of sugar each. Whoa, I was right because a mild diabetic headache appeared somewhere around fifteen minutes later where I had to eat a cheese item to calm it down. Never again am I drinking this because of that. My living on the edge with this drink was all about the experience and having a little fun reviewing it.