"Bridget Jones' Baby" Is a Love(-Hate) Child of a Movie

By comparison to my last review on The Disappointments Room, Bridget Jones' Baby is like Gladiator viewed for the first time as a film adoring newbie teenager. Be very eyeful, I said "by comparison." Bridget Jones' Baby was probably the most confusing film I've seen in a year or more with my feelings. I hated it, loved it, was bored by it, found it entertaining, wished it were never made, was happy it was made because I saw the old cast again, hated Bridget's stupidity, loved her moments of dumbness, and all of this in one sitting.

Bridget is back to her thinner self. What the? Completely out of character. We see her becoming a spinning class nut without any explanation for her life changing or why she decided to lose weight and give into peer pressure. She was our girl who was happy the way she was. Bridget didn't explain if ever she had a health scare or felt body shamed. She is thinner. When the old storyline focuses around her weight and pounds representing good and bad in her life, the thin Bridget without any explanation feels pretty strange.

Hugh Grant didn't return for the movie citing a lousy script, more or less. Upon watching this, you learn and fully understand why he declined it. The two lead men are reduced to idiots from the halfway point onwards. Much of what they do is out of character for their, well, characters. Stuffy Mark Darcy throwing his dated Blackberry out a window? Yeah, not seeing that. Mark Darcy carrying Bridget arm in arm all the way to the hospital with the other could be father!? Neither men, one a millionaire and one a tech billionaire, having transportation or a driver on speed dial when her water breaks?

The special thing about Bridget Jones' Baby is it's the first movie in forever I've seen where not one actor is out of place. The acting is stupendous from everyone of every sized role. The wardrobe and set people did an excellent job of making the characters look and feel like real people you'd meet at work like the mean, younger boss or elderly women you see around town. You really believe for once, looking at the movie from these bullet points, you aren't trapped at home or in a theater watching these people as a viewer. You're in the movie. So few films released nowadays make you feel like you are a part of this imaginary world created for you. Which is precisely why when the plot gets too weird for the weirdest romantic comedy standards, you get mad. As a fan of the entire film series, I was disappointed this is how it ends. And, I was disappointed in the ending being too Bridget fantasy land. You'll see what I mean.