Why Is The Empire State Building in the Middle of Nowhere in My Cartoon?

I've been talking about this movie forever, and it's time to start sharing what is happening with the film! This is my first post as a part of what I am calling my "Filmmaking Diary."

My cartoon, The Eyes of Old Texas, is a short film but not your standard animated short. We parody all kinds of pop culture and different works in it.

Here you see a cow, farm, and the Empire State Building in the back. The question in this teaser, which I plan on uploading onto my new YouTube channel, is asking people: why do you think this is? And really, it's crazy. Why is the Empire State Building in the middle of seemingly nowhere?

I'll reveal it to you. ;) This is from a part where we make fun of how movie fans feel many big blockbuster action movies are no longer like the good action movies we remember from other years. We don't have an 80's style Alien anymore where the puppetry is so scary, you don't need CGI. I as a kid was truly, honestly, fully scared of that alien coming out with the teeth – and loving my fear! It looked like a real alien!

And today, my heart feels like a lot of movie audiences, "Why is everything so heavy on CGI and stuff blowing up without any reason for the stuff to blow up?" Because I could watch a whole movie about explosions. I half joke about my favorite thing in action movies being arson. The day I get around to it, you can bet my live action work will have plenty of arson and fire! Yet, when we have action within action movies, it needs to shift around a little and have some backstory. Why is someone so angry? Revenge doesn't feel so sweet unless you know some horrible man wronged a guy, ran off with his girlfriend, killed her in the spy movie, and lo and behold, oh no, he needs his helicopter blown up! What an a-hole move on behalf of the villain! See, I'd have something like that. You need to feel angry along with the lead character.

Anyway, moving back to this cartoon's scene and imagery, this is from a movie within a movie. Some people are streaming our version of Independence Day. HAHA :) The barn, skyscraper and all surrounding it blow up and the cows are left as hamburgers. Which in itself can be viewed as symbolism of how people now treat the fanbase as cattle to turn into meat without any regard for pleasing them. I hope that all makes sense.

Some of the cows I use here in the movie are based on a decorative, handmade cow my mom bought at a county fair in Illinois in Springfield (?) when I was 2. You know she never expected that to happen from this little cow! Use whatever is around you for inspiration! I know I do! I've been staring at that little cow on a bookshelf, then watching the guy...or is it girl because cows are she's...move around the country. The cow cooks, parties, all kinds of things. He/she really needs to be a movie star at this point, haha!


These entries are documenting my path to having my first movie, an animated short called The Eyes of Old Texas, out at film festivals. We hope to begin the submission process at the end of 2017. I'm going to be writing about everything to show you how much hard work, planning and thought goes into making animation!

xoxo, Nicole