"Passengers" Wasn't As Bad As Everyone Said

Why don't we exmaine the hate spewed on this movie first?

"Like a castaway love story set in the world's largest, emptiest shopping mall in space."


"A banal, formulaic pastiche of dozens of other like-minded space operas."

The New York Times

Ouch. The New York TImes assumes Passengers wants to be Star Wars. Rightfully up there with the elderly food critic visiting The Olive Garden and ripping it apart when it wasn't a high end Italian eatery.

Passengers isn't at all the movie people think it wants to be, and herein lies the marketing problem. It isn't a romantic comedy, space comedy, space drama, space opera, sci-fi adventure thing. Passengers is a quirky indie movie set against the backdrop of space. It is what it is. Judging it by this standard, Passengers is a solid movie that may just entertain you midly for its running time. I watch movies to be entertained sometimes. Do you, or do you want everything to be lesson learning, heavy material? Must everything released now be about underprivileged people overcoming all?

The acting in it is good enough and the theme weird enough to make it work. Passengers won't go down in my book as my favorite movie of all time. For me, fed up last night and looking for something to take my mind into a better mood, relaxing, eating a good meal and renting this, it did the job. Don't take things so seriously. Allow a movie to be fun – and it will be.

Mini spoiler now. Quit reading! Viewing this from an everything happens for a reason point of view, Jennifer Lawrence's character here does as I do often. You can tell, in her mind, she's wondering, "Why did this freak have to ruin my life? What is the grand purpose of this?" And as we learn, the grand purpose is she is supposed fall in love and save the 5,000 people aboard. The movie never gets into the fate discussion and should have. Everything does have a purpose, or at least it does for characters living out their lives within big budget Hollywood productions.


While viewing this, listen out for Thomas Newman's Oscar nominated musical score.