Why Did Everyone Say "Meet the Robinsons" Sucked?

Meet the Robinsons was released in 2007 and soon forgotten deep within Netflix's underground fire cave.

"The film is loosely based on characters from the children's book, A Day with Wilbur Robinson, by William Joyce."

Thanks, Wikipedia. Never heard of that book.

On my hunt to find out why people thought this movie was so bad, I rewatched it this week. 2007. 2017. Ten years have passed. I can count! Who knew. All right. ;)

Meet the Robinsons is a terrible film title attracting little kids and their parents. Way to go with having the most boring film title ever made. Step #1 in losing would be fans!

Reviews from actual film critics – you know me, I'm that annoying girl who watches movies for the fun of it – talk about how awesome the animation is seen in 3D and the awkwardness.

I've seen far worse animated movies in terms of plot development. Call me when you tell me The Boss Baby has a plot deeper than a puddle.

Meet the Robinsons DOES suffer from plot issues. They needed a secondary plot B, like The Brady Bunch. Some scenes go on too long and feel too awkward. Why didn't we see more?

Cool: the singing frogs, future elements, having a smart lead character, and having a twirly moustache man period as those guys are so crazy-fun.

The ending and moral lesson tie in with Walt Disney's real words of advice to young people are beautiful. I wanted to Google his quote right after the movie finished. The movie is so awkward at the start and when you do get around to the final lesson build up, you are blown away. The real issue is it takes too long to arrive at that conclusion. The plot is too simple for a big Disney movie. A little bit more thrown in and a few edits here and there? Perfection.

The big ending with lessons about time, family, love, career drive, ambition, all of this, wraps up beautifully in the last probably fifteen minutes. If the whole movie were like that, this would far outreach anything Pixar/Disney has ever done in plots.

And I would watch it again somewhere in time for that ending tie in. You wish Walt Disney would have lived to see his studio do this tribute to him.