"The Edge Of Seventeen" Isn't Very Hollywood-Fun! But It's Relatable

Hey girls! If you're a girl, you've gone to school with friends and people who aren't friends but you toss them in the friends category who have...wait...

Gotten mad because some chick is dating her brother.

The Edge of Seventeen gets the sentiment right for teen girls and their friends everywhere hearing about it. You don't know why your female friends get so angry. They do. No reason. I mean, like, he's my brother is a reason for them. Like how you hate that girl because she started it. Girls do things like that when we're young.

A girl at my school started disliking me for no reason. OK, she thought I was wildly inappropriate. She was about the only person who didn't sign my yearbook when, pre-Twitter, I wanted to be the yearbook queen and have everyone sign my junior high yearbook and vice versa. I was 12 about to turn 13 in a month. I'm overstating things here. A few other girls chose not to sign it. Reflecting on this, they probably didn't because their minds were controlled by this one particular girl. We never got into a fight or anything intently. She started it for no apparent reason.

Age 12, girls around me told me on the regular about friends dating their brothers. Had I gone to normal high school and not the in/out version I did, I would've heard this. You CANNOT DATE YOUR BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND, OK!?!!?

We have that setup in the movie for guys who've never heard this. As the lead girl finds herself in high school around the boys she could or could not end up with, she sees her teacher as a positive male role model in her life as her father passed.

Thank you, thank yooooouuuuu U-capital you, for having a movie where a young woman coming into her own does not have a sexual relationship with her father figure. As someone whose role models always have been men, it sickens me when others ask me things like, "So...were you crushing on him when you were 16/21/now?" No! I wasn't! I don't date my career and business role models. More often than not, these role models are role models to groups of young men and women who are like kids to them. Age has nothing to do with it. A role model could be someone five or thirty-five years older.

This attitude gets left onto film. Film girls are supposed to date the teacher/gym teacher/person of higher power. In all reality, when someone is in a position above you like a role model, you don't view them in a sexual way. Period.

Kelly Fremon Craig wrote and directed this. Thanks for portraying girls positively, first of all. Cannot say this enough.

Anyone who saw La Vie d'Adele or really any standard festival movie in the past years will like the normality of this movie. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. This feels like it could be happening to you. Pulling off a natural movie is hard work. The cast and crew on this film did such a good job bringing authenticity. Hailee Steinfeld is a girl who should've been a Disney queen in the year 2003 playing Lizzie McGuire. She's so good at the singer/actress combo. We need more girls like her.

Rent this, view it on a plane, enjoy it.