"Bad Moms" Is For Young Moms – And That's OK!

Moms can be MILFs. Mila Kunis herself is a MILF. If ever I had kids, I would so badly want to be a MILF.

Finally, a movie about moms who don't look like Hollywood's depiction of moms. Throw on the ugly sweater and, as they call it here in the movie, "surgery bra," and you are a stereotype. Bad Moms, the first movie, isn't anything special. If anything, this movie is like another Tina Fey/Amy Poehler movie. It does the job. I imagine watching Bad Moms while drunk and eating cookies for one insane sugar high must make it endless LOL material. I've met a number of people, OK, actual MILFs and some who probably wished they were MILFs with more free time, who came to me when this came out, "Have you seen Bad Moms!? It's sooooooo funn-E! My friends and I got drunk before/during the movie!"

Nothing shameful about it. I'd want a getaway myself from all that kid stuff if I were a mom.

If you've seen the previews, you know what it's about. Moms will drink, get laid and be bad, if you think making life decisions for yourself means "bad." People make silly-crude jokes. For an airplane movie, Bad Moms is another cute, girly movie you won't care about long term but is funny for now. In 2050, you might say, "Wow, I really was drunk when I watched this. This humor is so 2016." The set looked like a bunch of fun filming this and probably, like the audience, had lots of drunken fun times. Probably, this movie is a lot better if you, as expected, are a mom with kids! Guys might be watching this like, "What the....!" Hahaha.

Go ahead. Do it. Stay sober but if you must get trashed somewhere and it's not a regular thing because that's bad, better to do so watching Bad Moms as opposed to being on the road. You aren't harming anyone. The movie gets reallllllly funny for no reason. You relax. ;) Go for it! Get drunk on that airplane, you bad mom!