Let’s Try It! Melt Coconut Oil Butter

“Oh, vegan?!?” you say? It’s really good, you naughty prehistoric meat eater. You may like it more than real butter. 

I try every dairy and non-dairy butter out there. Kerry Gold real Irish dairy butter and Melt Organic Coconut Oil Butter are the best I’ve had as I write this.

When you set Melt out to, uh, melt a little to room temperature, the stuff is creamy like real butter. I’ve included the nutritional info on the back and the pareve logo on the front for you friends.

I love eating this stuff on butter. My drama happens to be I have trouble finding this butter at the store. A Whole Foods location I visited didn’t have it whereas a generic junky supermarket did the other day. Go figure.

Find this somehow and buy it! Remember to soften it up a bit before enjoying. 

Also, this is a good find for lactose intolerant people who think vegan butter is rancid garbage. 

Lest we forget; high in omega 3’s! Good for eyesight!