“Get Out” Is So Much Better Than Its Trailers

When I saw the promos for this movie, nothing stood out. Get Out looked like any teen horror movie made for teens who’ve never seen horror.  I watch every movie ever made and was not excited yesterday about viewing it. Allison Williams wasn’t a draw for me either as I was never a massive Girls  fan.

As the film goes on, it isn’t written up like the average horror screenplay. We see themes about black culture’s messages to everyone else, done without saying much and relying on small story changes, and a bit of nostalgic 1950’s horror influence. 

The ending succeeds in fulfilling my horror audience goal: I need to be creeped out. Scared doesn’t have to happen. In a dark theatre, I might’ve been afraid. Watching this as two hyperactive cats play on your bed, the lamp turned on, your iPhone charging beside you, doesn’t set the scene for that. The ending nevertheless captured my attention entirely and gave me a feeling of, “What the?!”

The last month, all the newer names in filmmaking are doing it for me. The Austin Film Festival was an absolute experience meeting tomorrow’s big names and seeing their work. Some of whom I didn’t get to see their work also! Jordan Peele directed Get Out , he himself being around for a long time as an actor and now establishing his career as a filmmaker. I love this guy. He doesn’t stick to the usual horror format. I, the know it all guessing every plot point before it happens, at one point at the end, the very end, was tricked in the final minutes about a small but important thing happening. Awesome!