VIDEO Q+A: "Wild Honey" Director Francis Stokes

A movie about phone sex you can watch with your parents? Yes, please.

Because it's a rom-com. One that respects women and its female audience-goers!

2017 Austin Film Festival staff pick Wild Honey received rave reviews at the event, with claims how the film "works as a nice reminder of why we need more romantic comedies around."

Director Francis Stokes kindly did an interview with his popcorn in hand, having someone hold his place in line for the next festival showing. Now that's how you promote your movie!

wild honey.jpg
A lonely, down-on-her-luck phone sex operator in Chicago falls for one of her callers, and flies out to LA to find him! Gabby’s life is on hold. In fact, life just happens to her due to the passage of time. She’s living with her mother and more miserable with each passing hour.
— Wild Honey