VIDEO Q+A: "The Great Unwashed" Film Director Louis Fonseca + Producer Izzy Fonseca

It's been too long for British humor in America since Hot Fuzz.

Yes! Really!

America needed a UK cinematic refill on British humor, or humour. For their Sydney Indie Film Festival Best Comedy winning first feature The Great Unwashed, the Fonseca siblings were inspired by a real geese attack incident, using their real family farm, and much more.

The film's crazy-fun Austin Film Festival screening held plenty of audience laughter throughout the event, and, yes, attack geese in the film.

the great unwashed.jpg
Charlie is an aimless twentysomething living in London. One day while job hunting, a case of mistaken identity sees him interviewed by a gang of criminal hairdressers for the position of get-away driver in an upcoming heist. During the interview Charlie witnesses a brutal execution carried out by the charismatic and violent head-stylist Toni.
— The Great Unwashed