I Want to Act in A Tom Ford Movie Immediately

 “New life goal. Act in a Tom Ford movie. Currently starting Nocturnal Animals and he like Pedro Almodovar...”

I started writing this on Twitter until I felt, no way can I describe this feeing in a few tweets.

Nocturnal Animals is Mr. Ford’s second movie, I believe. I saw his first. 

Twenty-two minutes into this, I feel like I’m watching my favorite genre, the genre-less movies I love and aspire to make. You don’t know what’s about to happen. The writing is smooth. The women are glamorous, mysterious, sexy vixens. The visuals could be a photo shoot or something out of old Hollywood done in 2017. This movie isn’t a copy of a copy of a copy per typical Hollywood standards. This is truly an original work after watching a bunch of stuff that means nothing. 

I love the unexpected touch and finally, someone besides Pedro Almodovar did it for me. 

Tom Ford did this to me with his first film sort of. The second movie, how Amy Adams is like his muse like Penelope Cruz to Mr. Almodovar, oh, this movie in no other words makes me want to put down my film score composing and filmmaking goals and yes, step in front of the camera to be one of Mr. Tom Ford’s girls.  2017 is not kind to actresses. This movie portrays women as who you could imagine as real people. Women as they deserve to be treated. And with this in mind, I throw everything out the window about whatever I said correcting people when they tell me to do acting any moment I mention music and filmmaking coming first to me.

I am going Tom finish watching this tonight or tomorrow. Seriously, I had to tell you guys how I feel about this. Mr. Ford naturally had my attention because I favor people who have a spark to their ambition you don’t get from studying filmmaking or composing at some master’s program. People who go out and want to do it, like me, like others I meet. 

Watch this movie, guys. And Mr. Ford, If ever you want someone like me who wouldn’t be out of place in a 1950’s film queen way, I’m up for it. I’ll wake up and eat breakfast with you at four in the am for you.

This, and I expect much more solid work from your filmmaking, Mr. Ford!