RECIPE: Verde Restaurant's Beautiful Snapper

Verde Restaurant, located outside Sydney, focuses on modern cuisine with a big city flair, and this snapper entree is just the perfect example of Verde's menu. As owner and head chef Antonio Ruggerino describes it, "Strange but true: when fish meets pasta, a fine lasting marriage is made!"


• 10 Snapper fillets: 180gms each

• EVO (extra virgin olive) oil

• Saffron pasta: 300gms or good quality store bought pasta

• Butter 200gms

• Baby capers 40gms

• Green peas 120gms

• Parsley 1 bunch

• Basil 1-2 bunches

• Fish stock 1lt

• Salt and pepper

• Lemon zested x 3: blend parsley, garlic and lemon

• Parsley: 2 bunches with extra virgin olive oil for salsa verde

• 3 garlic cloves


Roll out pasta to 1mm, cut into lengths of 30cms by 3cms using three per portion.

Next, pan fry snapper on medium heat, skin side down til skin crisps. Turn and place in oven till just cooked or a little under.

In a pan, reduce fish stock by half with the butter, then add picked herbs, capers and peas season.

Blanch fresh pasta for one; add to fish stock and toss.

To serve, place pasta on plate and then the fish. Brush with EVO and sprinkle with sea salt. Finish with salsa verde. Absolutely delicious!