RECIPE: Apple Tart Normande

Surely, you read my interview with the multi-talented musician/pastry chef, Mr. Kito. If not, scurry over onto that search box up there on and search "Mr. Kito!"

When you get done listening to his music, get a full Mr. Kito experience by smelling, seeing and tasting his work too in his clever recipe.

You will need

Apply Pate brisee dough (or pie dough, short crust etc.) in a tray or pan.

4 to 5 apples peeled and cut into medium size cubes, sauté in butter (unsalted or salted) for 2 to 3 minutes and “deglazed” with calvados if you’d like.

The topping (to be applied before baking)

The ingredients are to be preferably added and mixed in the following order:

3 whole eggs220gr sugar (white or brown)

1 x tea spoon of baking powder

1 x Pinch of salt Cinnamon to taste

80 gr cake flour (do not over mix)


Simply pour the topping over the apples in the pan.

(Ideally, all the apples are covered)The tart is to be baked at 180.C (Medium heat) for 35 to 40 min using the middle oven rack (until golden brown)

Best eaten warm but not hot.

I personally like it accompanied by a cinnamon and vanilla pod ice cream.

Et voila, bon appetit!