MY RECIPE: Speedy Fast Spinach Salad

Apart from work, I'm the laziest person who ever existed. I want my food now...tasty, though without the work. I could be spending these precious seconds o' mine staring at my fingernails, watching TV, typing on this very website. Sound familiar to you?

My quick and easy spinach Caesar salad could be topped off with grilled chicken pieces. I don't eat meat, therefore, mine is fully veggie based.

I don't care if it's authentic.

All of the below ingredients are organic and healthy as far as I know.


• 1 bag of baby spinach

• Wonderful Pistachios ( - truly making the difference between any pistachios, these nuts are worth the money...don't go nuts buying inferior nuts!

• Classic Caesar flavor dressing from SASS All Natural Salad Dressings

• a few sprinkles of cooked corn spiced with garlic and anything spicy

• pineapple chunks

• strawberries, cut up prettily so well they say "please" and "thank you"

• small slices of red onions

• tomatoes here and there (optional; I love the contrast to the sweet flavor)

• Garlic and Butter flavor croutons by Whole Foods' 365 brand ( for a location near you)

• cheese of your pick (optional; not seen here)

* all veggies/fruit was bought from Whole Foods' flagship store on Lamar in Austin, Texas!

It REALLY is good.

I'm not a salad girl at all. You know those girls picking at salads all day long to fit in skinny jeans? Not me. I always say my realistic body type with some effort is Lindsey Vonn, minus approximately three inches. Squats are involved, although it's easier for me to maintain this versus the barely there fashion blogger cliché look.

With this in mind, the combination of all these ingredients is to my taste buds like ... the feeling when you eat really good, buttery popcorn in a salad. You get excited about eating this salad.

Please try it at home: my unauthentic Caesar is not your female friend on a diet's Caesar! You will love it! You get fruit, protein in the nuts and cheese if you add that, all the calcium and goodies in spinach tastes great!

Pretzel bread not included. :)