MY RECIPE: Oven Tossed Apples in Yogurt

How ya like them apples? ;)

Once again, me + apples somehow gently warmed in the oven. Yeah, I get it, you're sick of me doing apples.

This is a set I did with my family. I threw on a good heaping of vanilla extract, as I feel most recipes don't have enough of it, in addition to the vanilla taste baking out.

Also in it?

A fair share of Truvia, saving on sugar drama, wine, and a touch of cinnamon. You want your apples to get more wine-y ness than apple-ness. You want them to feel like "DESSERT APPLES OH YEAH No, these can't be! Where is the sugar?! OOOOOOOH."

I've added mine onto yogurt or yoghurt, depending on where you are in the world with your spelling.