MY RECIPE: Half Cheated Dolled Up Sweet Potato Gnocchi

All right, I cheated, I tell you, halfway! I used fresh ingredients with a pre-made sweet potato gnocchi. It really saves you a bunch of time you could use on watching movies, reading magazines, oh you know, reading an excellent website written by some girl named Nicole Russin-McFarland, stuff like that.

Bear in mind, spinach shrinks when you cook it. You can buy a huge bulk of the most expensive, most awesome organic spinach you have will look like Pac-Man when attacked by ghosts.


• 1 container Whole Foods sweet potato gnocchi

• a solid heap of spinach (aim for a chunky bag; it'll shrink)

• lots of fresh garlic

• chopped mushrooms (your choice, or grab any on sale)

• red wine (dump lots of it!)

• a sprinkle of grated bleu or parmesan cheese (optional)


Cook the spinach and mushrooms separately on your stove, seasoning each with garlic. When you're ready, mix the two together briefly, going generous on the red wine. I used my dad's ridiculously non-aficionado boxed wine. Yeah, groan all you want. With boxed wine, the lowest of the low, the food came out pretty good. Using a very expensive wine, expect the best five-star dining experience known to mankind.