MY RECIPE: 100% Awesome Oven Broiled Salmon

Pay attention, for there are very few ingredients and zero directions. Get ready. Are you set?

Let's go!


STEP 1: Olive oil to taste. "To taste" basically means however much you want.

STEP 2: Salt and pepper your salmon filet to taste.

STEP 3: Broil it in the oven on a slightly greased baking pan. This step is tricky because despite what you read in cookbooks and online, every oven functions differently. With ovens, you really get what you pay for. Keep your eyes on your oven because Paula Deen can say "bake at 425° for 30-35 minutes or until softened" ya'll! all she wants. Her cooking directions are a lot like her white hair beehive whatever that is on her head: it doesn't work for everyone. Or most people.

Do you own a Viking or Wolf oven? Congrats! Your salmon will broil in, oh, 5-7 minutes if you really work it at 425 some days.

Do you own something circa WWI? Anything involving logs you fetch out in the forest, which you next toss into the fire? Anything primitive – or junky – could take half an hour.

Let's finish!

GARNISH: Serve your finished salmon with avocado slices, gently peppered and sea salt'd to your pirate ship's tastebuds, and some sexy orange heirloom tomatoes. Bonus points if you heat up your tomato slices on a skillet.